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Here are some of the ways your investment in a Mosaic Home is protected:

  1. Workmanship and Materials – 1 Year

    Includes coverage against defects in workmanship and materials for a period of 1 year from the possession date.

  2. Water Leaks – 2 Years

    Warranty of the building envelope (roof, cladding, windows, doors) & basement foundation walls are to be free of exterior water penetration for 2 years from possession date.

  3. Major Structural Defects – 5 Years

    Covers against major structural defects for 5 years from the date of possession. This means defects in workmanship or material that are likely to have an adverse effect on the performance of a load bearing portion of the home such as footings, piles, basement walls, beams, floor joists, teleposts, load bearing walls, and roof trusses.

  4. Optional Extended Warranty – Major Structural Defects

    An optional 5- year Extended Major Structural Defect Warranty is available. This would protect your home against major structural defects from the sixth year to the tenth year.
    Learn more about the Saskatchewan New Home Warranty Program

  5. Home Maintenance

    A new home is a large investment – the largest investment many people ever make. All investments require safekeeping and protection. For this reason, the Saskatchewan New Home Warranty Program developed this Maintenance Manual to help you protect your investment. We encourage you to take an active role in protecting your investment and safeguarding your warranty (in some cases) by following the advice in this Manual.
    Saskatchewan New Home Warranty Program Maintenance Manual

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