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Whether you’re building a custom home, or undertaking a major renovation, the same basic construction process and principles apply. Once you choose your builder and have a signed legal contract in place, Mosaic will lead you through the construction process. The typical construction process includes pre-construction work, foundation, framing, interior and exterior work. Once the majority of the work is completed, final walk-throughs and changes are completed. Remember, all homes require on-going upkeep and maintenance to ensure everything is running properly.



House plans are drafted, finalized and submitted to the municipal building permit office for review. Some of the permits required include in the following: Building, electrical, plumbing, septic system and sewer connection.



Your house is staked out and the land is prepared. Excavation is done, and the footings (concrete slabs to support the foundation walls) are formed and poured. Water, electricity, telephone and cable services may be brought in at this time.

Next, foundation walls are erected, and weeping tiles are installed to drain ground moisture away from the house. Following inspection of the foundation, the outside perimeter is backfilled.

During this process, decisions are made on items like flooring, tiles, and cabinets. All of these items must be ordered weeks in advance.



One of the most exciting construction phases, exterior walls, interior partitions and the roof are assembled. Roofing is completed as quickly as possible to prevent accidental damage as work progresses on the lower parts of the home. Once the windows and doors are installed, your home is considered in "lock-up" and is protected from the weather.

The basement floor is then, installed. Electrical and plumbing services are roughed in, and ducting for heating, cooling and ventilation is put in place. More inspections are done to ensure that the home is being built according to building code requirements.


Interior and exterior work

Insulation is installed in the exterior walls and the roof, and a vapour barrier is applied/ Drywall is then installed and heating and cooling systems are installed, including fireplaces.

Walls and ceilings are painted, flooring is laid, and kitchen and bathroom cabinets are installed. Plumbing and electrical fixtures are put in, trim is applied, and interior doors are hung.

Siding is applied on the outside, along with eavestroughing, and porches and decks are installed. Final lot grading is done, and the driveway and walkways are put in.

Several additional municipal inspections occur during this building phase.


Final touches

Final touches and clean-up follow. This is the phase at which you will walk-through your home to make sure everything is completed as planned. More details on the construction process, and after project care can be found at Saskatoon & Region Homebuilder’s Association.

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